We design one of a kind web sites that get noticed, and we love what we do best, for everyone we design for..

Your web site is like your store front, or your business card and should reflect the best of what you have to offer. We find the best in you and your business and listen to what it is your looking for and like a oil painting, we make a picture of your dream web site and make it come to life.

There's always going to be better web designers than us, but we try our best to give you what you want and take the time and patience to do just that, at an affordable price to boot.

William Harrison, Certified Web Designer(2000)
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What we can offer and provide:

● Free Advise
● Domain name registration
● Domain name and website hostingHtml
● SSL - Secure Site
● Custom logo design with full copyright
● Vector files for promotional items
● Laser engraving
● UV printing
● Html5, PHP scripting
● Secure e-commerce site
● Html or PHP website
● PHP and Java Scripts
● Responsive website
● Static websites
● Password / Secure pages
● Video imput/editing
● Credit Card processing
● Support 7/days per week
● Free minor changes after completions of your site
● Free telephone support 7/days per week

We also provide you with the full edited files with full copyright so you are in control of your website to host where ever you like.

Websites that get noticed on Google

You can have a great looking web site, but if no one sees it then your website is not making you money or bringing new clients to your online business, or store front. This is where we come in to advice you on how to get to the top of search engines and stay there. You domain name and the type of business will tell us how you need to reach the top of search engines like Google.

We do all the proper meta coding for top rankings but if your in a industry competing with thousand of other people in your category, then you may need to spend the money needed on advertising to get the exposure needed, to get you noticed. All of the site above are on the first page of a Google search in their own industry without paying a cent because we got them there with the right meta coding and design of their web sites, but again the industry they are in are few in numbers and will get noticed.

Even our own site newebs.com having been online since 2000 is competing with thousands of other web designers, so even ourselves if to be on top of Google would need to spend the money to get there, we do however work on this strickly by referral only.
What can we offer you, others can not?

We have over 20 years of professional web design experience, and hold an accredited honours degree in web design and programming. Of course there is always going to be better, younger more educated designers, something we are not competing against. What we do offer is what we are prepared to do for you and that is give you our full attention to ensure you get what you want and at an affordable price working with you within your budget.

We no longer have any overhead as we own everything we have worked for, and we only work on one site at a time until it is completed to your satisfaction. We also offer a one on one service seven days a week until your site is completed.

We also specialize in progressive responsive web design that is geared towards mobile and desktop design for small to medium size business. We also cover everything from video and sound to animation, logo design, and do all the research to get you a better website and presense than your competor. We will also maintain your website and show you what it takes to maintain your own website.

We also can save you time and money showing you how to protect your branding through Trademarks, Federal or Provincial in Corporations and copyright all of which we have experience and knowledge of.

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